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Technical Faculty in Bor
Vojske Jugoslavije 12, 19210 Borр
Tel/fax (030) 424 555 / 421 078
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Technical Faculty in Bor
Studies and curriculums
The following curriculums have been conducted at the Technical faculty in Bor:
The education process  is realised at the following curriculums accredited in 2009 and 2013:
    • Mining engineering (1st, 2nd and 3rd level of studies continued from 1961)
    • Metallurgical engineering (1st, 2nd and 3rd level of studies continued from 1961)
    • Technological engineering (1st, 2nd and 3rd level of studies continued from 1978)
    • Engineering management (1st, 2nd and 3rd level of studies continued from 2002)

A part of enrolled students is financed from the budget of the Republic of Serbia while the rest of students pay studies by themself.

So far over 1800 students graduated at this faculty, the biggest number belongs to the Department of Metallurgical engineering – almost 800,  the number of graduated students at the Department for Mining engineering is 400, at the Department for Technological engineering over 200 and almost 200 graduated at the Department for Engineering management.

Within past ten years the faculty experienced a considerable decrease of students’ interest for
studies of metallurgy and mining at one side and considerable increase of the number of students enrolling studies of management. Accordingly, the number of students enrolling metallurgical studies has decreased down to 10 or even less per an academic year. This situation is considerably better at other studies - mining about 20 students, technology about 50 and management over 200 students.

Teaching staff

The employment list of the Faculty is the following one: 15 full professors, 9 associate professors, 18 senior lecturers, 4 teachers of English language and 40 assistants. Promotions of professors are done by relevant university boards in Belgrade, while the promotions of assistants are done by the Faculty itself.

ПИБ: 100629192; М.бр.: 07130210; Текући рачун: 840-1478666-37
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