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Technical Faculty in Bor
Vojske Jugoslavije 12, 19210 Bor
Tel/fax (030) 424 555 / 421 078
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Technical Faculty in Bor
About Bor town

Bor is located in the east part of Serbia called „Timok province“, 240 km south-east of Belgrade. The town is located in highlands, east from mountain Crni vrh, south-east of mountain Veliki krsh and south of mountains Stol and Deli Jovan. Bor is placed about 370 m above sea level in the basin of the Bor river (Borska reka). The place is exposed to climatic influence from the Carpatia mountains and therefore known as a town with long and cold winters with a lot of snow.

Mape of Timok province
Mape of Timok province

Archeological researches have shown that the area arround Bor was populated in the prehistory in the time of the beginning of copper use. Numerous details and material resources
indicate that mining activities arround Bor were present in far ancient times and even prehistory.

Modern mining and metallurgy started their development in the year 1902 when the copper mine Bor was founded. The concession for exploiting copper ore arround Bor was given to the French company of Bor mines that exploited copper ore until the start of the Second world war. 

The French company of Bor mines had a strong influence on development of Bor. The town grew up from a small village in 20th century into a big industrial centre. Between 1933 and 1940 the mine developed into one of the biggest copper and gold mine in Europe. Together with the company development, Bor as a mining colony was developed. There were miners huts but also stone houses built in french style. In 1929 the French company of Bor mines built a magnificent building of „French Cassino“ where the present day a part of the Technical faculty is situated. 

Old site Bor (first half of the XX century)
Old site Bor (first half of the XX century)

Today Bor is the administrative centre of the Bor region encompassing municipalities of Bor, Majdanpek, Negotin and Kladovo. This region borders with Romania in the north and in the east with Bulgaria.

The population of the Municipality of Bor amounts 55.000, while 40,000 inhabitants live in Bor town site. The town is connencted with the international highway Belgrade – Nish (via Paracin), with the Danube highway (via Donji Milanovac), with Romania (via Negotin and Kladovo) and Bulgaria (via Zajecar). Bor is also connected with Belgrade and Nish by normal railway line Nish – Zajecar - Belgrade.

Modern townsite Bor
Modern townsite Bor

Adjacent to the town, there are popular touristic locations as Brestovac spa, Bor lake, Zlot caves and mountains Crni vrh and Stol. Not far away from the town there are world famous historical/archeological places as prehistorical settlement Lepenski vir and roman emperor’s pallace Felix Romuliana as well as the National park Djerdap.

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